Publication of educational and science booksPublication of educational and science booksPublication of educational and science books


Publication of educational and science books


Publication of educational and science books

The MathWorks, Inc.™ Developers of MATLAB® and Simulink®
MATLAB®, a product of The Mathworks, Inc.™ is an advanced interactive software package suitable for a wide range of mathematical, scientific, and engineering computations. MATLAB®, generates and displays superior quality two- and three-dimensional graphics. It is used in more than 2,000 colleges and universities world-wide including MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and by most large corporations.
Simulink®, a companion product to MATLAB®, is an interactive environment for understanding, modeling, simulating, and analyzing dynamic systems.
We, at Orchard Publications, are very impressed with these software packages and we strongly recommend these to all educational institutions and enterprises. Also, we highly recommend the inexpensive Student Version to all high schools, and to students who plan to enter the science and engineering fields.
Our texts are based on the MATLAB® Student Version and contain an appendix that serves as an introduction to MATLAB® and complements the official MathWorks, Inc.™ documentation.

The Midwest Book Review
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Publishing Law, Copyright, Internet Law
Ivan Hoffman is an Internet law, publishing, copyright, corporate training and on line education, trademark and music attorney, practicing for over 27 years. He practices in the Los Angeles area. His website has won *6* awards. You may reach him on the internet at

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Plastic Book Displays
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Publication of educational and science books

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